Digging for Dinos Song

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Walli releases his second kids song called the Digging for Dino’s Song! The Digging for Dinosaurs song is a fun song that engaging children and encourages learning about the outdoors and dinosaurs. We have the lyrics for this song below 🙂

Digging for Dinos

Digging for Dinos,

Can you hear those Dino’s roar?

Digging for Dinos,

Can you find a Dinosaur? X2

T-Rex is the biggest one,

When he Roars everyone runs,

His arms are small, but his mouth is big,

In Dino-Land he is the king,

The Triceratops has big horns,

Kind of like a unicorn,

Some Dino’s don’t eat meat

They just munch on greenery,

Dino bones are in the ground,

We can find one right now,

So let’s go dig out in the mud,

Digging for Dino bones is fun,



So come on roar real loud,

Let’s make a dino sound,


Boom, boom, boom, boom

Can you hear the Dino’s Boom?

Roar, roar, roar, roar,

Can you hear the Dino’s roar?

Dig, dig, dig, dig,

We can dig for Dino’s

Roar roar, Roar, Roar

Let’s dig up some Dino’s

Chorus x4


Photo Credits

Golden Crown Designed by Freepik

Unicorn Designed by Freepik