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Learn about Animals with Walli

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In this video your kids are going to learn about: Horses. Rabbits, Bunnies, Leopards, Zebras, Deer, Elephants, Pandas and Horses. If your children like to learn about animals this is an amazing educational video they will love. Learn some fun facts by reading this videos description below. And don’t forget to subscribe!


  1. Horses can sleep both lying down and standing up
  2. Horses can run shortly after birth.
  3. Horses live to be 25 years old

Rabbits & Bunnies

  1. Rabbits and Bunnies are the same thing
  2. Rabbits are actually born blind.
  3. Rabbits can have up to 12 babies


  1. Leopards are generally found in Africa and Asia
  2. Leopards can jump 18’ through the air
  3. Leopards are nocturnal so they only come out at night
  4. Like to climb in trees


  1. Every Zebra has a unique pattern of black and white stipes
  2. Wild Zebras live in Africa
  3. Like horses Zebras sleep standing up


  1. Male deer grow antlers each year
  2. Native to North America, the deer is known as the king of the forest
  3. In China, it is good luck to see a deer


  1. A dragon is a legendary creature written about in many cultures
  2. Dragons are a symbol of magic and power
  3. The Komodo Dragon is a real lizard


  1. Elephants are the largest land animals in the world!
  2. Elephants can live to be over 70 years old
  3. The elephant truck has over 40,000 muscles in it


  1. Pandas Eat Bamboo
  2. Pandas generally live to be 20 years old.